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Baby Update: 32 Weeks

So I wrote this over a week ago and I forgot to publish it! Here it is!

The Bump:

Maternity Clothes:
With spring finally making an appearance I am loving to wear flowy empire waist dresses. When I wear them, I almost forget that I am pregnant since I don't have the big belly panel suturing me in or my belt line pressing into my lower stomach. In this picture I'm still wearing capris without a belly band or the rubber band trick. Oh the joys of low rise jeans! I get such a strange satisfaction out of being able to pull on a pair of pants, zip, and button them.

Best Moment This Week:
The best moment this week was when I was coaching my sprinters outside. I was putting them through a rather intense workout and then I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the school window. I had this strange epiphany when I saw myself coaching while hugely pregnant. Yes, I'm huge. Yes, I don't look like I ran NCAA track just two seasons ago. But my athletes still respect and admire me. They don't see me as "The Prego Lady" they see me as "Coach".

Since our daughter now weighs around four pounds her playful kicks, rolls, and jabs have turned a bit painful at times. She is a strong girl and my ribs, bladder, and anything else within her reach is taking quite the beating. At night when I lay down at the end of the day, my stomach literally rolls and shifts from side to side, up and down. I love feeling her move.
I'm still wondering if she ever sleeps since she literally moves all day long.

Food Craving:
My biggest craving through the majority of the pregnancy has been fruit. I love grapefruit, strawberries, grapes, apples, orange juice.

What I Miss:

I miss sprinting. I miss being able to demonstrate long jump and starts. I also miss sleeping on my stomach.

I have been sleeping very well lately. I had some issues with heartburn but I got some tums so I'm not kept awake by that burning in my chest.The only thing that is getting annoying is how much my hips are starting to hurt. After months of sleeping on my side my hips are begging for a break. Just a couple more months I remind them.

What I Am Looking Forward To:
The end of the school year, track, and moving to SLC!

I'm happy to report I haven't thrown up in a month! I'm so happy to have the whole morning sickness out of the way. Sadly, the fatigue that I struggled with through the first trimester is back with a vengeance. As if fatigue in the third trimester isn't bad enough I also just found out this week that I am anemic so I'm on an iron supplement to get my red blood count back up. Hopefully my energy improves a bit.
I have braxton hicks contractions everyday but I don't really feel pain (usually). I can just feel my stomach tightening for 30-90 seconds and then it goes back to normal.