Exciting news but not exactly the kind of news you want to announce...

I quit my job. ***

(*** Technically I turned down a job offer. The company that I worked for went out of business in January. The owner of the company started a new business and invited me on board... but I declined.)

I know this may not seem like exciting news (especially considering the poo dump that is our economy) but I must say this is a very very good thing.

I enjoyed my job and it was a great learning experience for me, but a lot of the reason why I decided to work instead of earn a graduate degree or teaching certificate was because I thought this job had a great opportunity for me to receive benefits and great pay to help get us through Brett's schooling. But alas, 2009 was quite the doosey and neither perk came through. To make matters worse, not only was I not getting a raise or benefits, but soon all employees lost benefits and then shortly after that the business went under. Though the owner of the company kept some of us on for a new endeavor, I found out that with this new company I'd go from being an hourly employee with some security to a contracted employee with little security. That demotion was a bit hard to take considering I was working so much harder than I ever had before and because I had been told to expect a promotion and a raise for over a year.
Besides all the new developments with my job, I have also been struggling with the fact that I work from home and don't have face to face interactions with my clients or coworkers. Moving to Provo and simultaneously finishing school and track was already hard enough. I went from being a busy student and member of an amazing track team who I saw every single day, to working online 40 hours a week and rarely leaving the house. It is very common for me to go days without seeing anyone but Brett. (Not that I don't love spending time with Brett, but everyone needs other friendships and daily social interactions) It's been difficult for me, Miss People Person, to not have those valuable interactions and to be at home all day.

In short, the stress of this job took quite a toll on me and at the end of the day keeping the job wasn't worth the cost of our happiness and sanity. Brett and I made the decision together to not sign with the new company and my boss was very understanding and supportive.

Brett and I have always stressed the importance pursuing a career we love. I want to have a career in something I am passionate about and I know that I am passionate about working with youth and teaching. There is never a better time to get cracking on pursuing that goal than the present right? Now is the best time to pursue what I want to do before Brett and I decide to start a family.

I am currently in the process of applying to the ARL (Alternate Route to Lincensure) Program through the state. Once accepted, I will be able to teach 7th-12th grade English full-time while I earn my teaching certificate.

In the meantime, I am looking for a tutoring, teaching assistant, paraprofessional, after-school, or coaching position. Pretty much anything that involves working with youth. I'd also be open to working as an editor, content writer, or assistant so long as I can work in an office environment and not from home. So if any of you know of anything, please let me know.

It's stressful job hunting, but a good stressful. I am just happy that I am finally on my way to pursuing a rewarding career that I am passionate about. I already feel as if this huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Please be understanding and avoid judgment at this time. Brett and I weighed our options carefully and made this very difficult decision together. We really need all of your love and support right now.


Wordless Wed-nes-day

Is it weird that every time I type the word Wednesday I sound it out in my head Wed-Nes-Day?

Just a thought...


Tim Tebow as "Messiah" - Photoshopped into LDS Image

Can I just tell you how appalled I was when I saw this image in a recent article featured on Yahoo Sports?

The image featured in the article depicts a photoshopped Tim Tebow in place of the Messiah in a well known Mormon image "The Second Coming" by Harry Anderson. Whether this is intended as a fan image or a jest, the fact that either side would replace the Savior with Tim Tebow is offensive and unsettling. I know Tebow would be disgusted to see this as well. I just have to say it is a shame that our media mocks someone for being religious by also mocking the Savior. Sure, go ahead and make fun of Tebow for being overrated, cocky, and a bit self-righteous. But don't mock Christ and deface this beautiful piece of artwork that members of the church cherish.

It is a shame that being Christ-like or religious makes you an easy target of these kinds of blasphemous jokes. I would expect something like this from some dense fan or critic, but not from Yahoo! Sports.