Tim Tebow as "Messiah" - Photoshopped into LDS Image

Can I just tell you how appalled I was when I saw this image in a recent article featured on Yahoo Sports?

The image featured in the article depicts a photoshopped Tim Tebow in place of the Messiah in a well known Mormon image "The Second Coming" by Harry Anderson. Whether this is intended as a fan image or a jest, the fact that either side would replace the Savior with Tim Tebow is offensive and unsettling. I know Tebow would be disgusted to see this as well. I just have to say it is a shame that our media mocks someone for being religious by also mocking the Savior. Sure, go ahead and make fun of Tebow for being overrated, cocky, and a bit self-righteous. But don't mock Christ and deface this beautiful piece of artwork that members of the church cherish.

It is a shame that being Christ-like or religious makes you an easy target of these kinds of blasphemous jokes. I would expect something like this from some dense fan or critic, but not from Yahoo! Sports.

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Sarah Dowland said...

Wow...agreed! That is rediculous!