A daughter's touch from a dad's perspective

Having a daughter has changed my life in so many ways. For instance, I look forward to coming home from work because when I poke my head into the family room and say hello, I know Maddie will hear my voice, make eye contact, and flash me a gorgeous smile.

I love pouring water over her head in the bath once Haley has washed her hair. I love seeing her fall down after standing against the couch and start to clap as if she's applauding herself for landing without injury. I love when Haley dresses her in her cute little overalls and shoes and she looks way older than she should. I love seeing sweet potatoes in her eyebrows after she has enjoyed a tasty lunch.

I relish the simple moments when she will touch my face or neck with her delicate and tiny hand. This morning I laid in bed with her as she slept, all the while soaking up the feeling of her little hand rubbing my face, touching my longer than usual beard, and scratching my lip. I love that she knows that I am her dad. With those soft touches to my face as she looks into my eyes and smiles, it reminds me that nothing in the world is better than family.

A daughter's touch is one of the most precious things in this life. I am grateful to have such a wonderful little family and especially a beautiful daughter who melts my heart with her tender touch.


The Amazing Maddie Jaye

Maddie has been pulling herself into a standing position for a couple weeks. Well on Monday she took it a step further... literally.

She used my arms to pull herself up and then without being prompted, she started taking steps! This video is of her second go around. Four days later, she's cruising the furniture. Oh dear baby girl, this is way too early! You are only 7 months and one week old!

Here are a few other video highlights from this week: Be SURE to watch the last one. It is hilarious.

 Standing Up


and Laughing (with Mommy)



Sweet Maddie Jaye,

At seven months you are a busy busy girl. You are really starting to get around now that you are crawling. You are also strong enough now that you can sit up from laying down all on your own. Your newest trick is pulling yourself up into a standing position using furniture or toys. Sometimes you will even try to stand up from a crawling position. You straighten your legs so that your cute little tush is straight up in the air. Then you slowly back up your hands as if you are trying to stand up completely. Even though you can crawl and move all over the place, you are very content to sit and play with your toys. (I realize this won't last long, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts!) When you do crawl, it's usually to get to your favorite toy. Once you reach it, you crawl backwards while holding it and back yourself into a sitting position.

Earlier this month you started to clap your hands. You clap whenever you get excited or happy about something. You also clap your feet if your hands are busy holding a toy. Grandma Holly likes to say "I love you!" and she uses sign language when she says it. Whenever she signs "I love you" you bring your hands together and move them around as if you are trying to sign back. It's so cute to see you try to imitate Grandma.

You love food. Since you started solids a month ago you've had avocado, pears, sweet potatoes, and squash. You also gnaw on apple slices sometimes. You haven't refused anything yet which makes Mommy and Daddy really happy.

You have completely lost your interest in bottles. When you are being babysat you refuse to take it and instead wait for me to get back home to nurse. However, you LOVE water bottles. You like to steal my water bottle whenever you can get your hands on it. As soon as you get it you put the mouthpiece or straw into your mouth and gnaw on it for a while. You haven't figured out how to drink from it, but you still like to imitate Mommy. We may just get you your own waterbottle or sippy soon and put the bottles away.

Your hair has been growing a lot on the top and not as much everywhere else, so you have the cutest little natural mohawk. It's my favorite thing in the world besides your laugh.



Stay tuned: I'll be posting more pictures very soon!