Camping at Island Lake

Brett and I went camping this past weekend with one of our best good friends Chelsey Kaplar. We went up to the Uintahs and hiked in to Island Lake elevation 11,000 feet. We hiked in about 4 miles armed with tents, beef jerky, "Pit" cards, and freeze dried beef stew. Chelsey provided well needed snack packs and her dog Keeva for bear protection. If Keeva didn't do the trick she also had a can of bear mace tucked in her pocket.

We spent the majority of our time eating (as with most camping excursions) and another large part throwing rocks into the lake from a giant cliff that looked quite a bit like Pride Rock from the Lion King.
Needless to say it proved to be an amazing journey. We enjoyed going back to the basics and keeping ourselves entertained with simple things like: finding the perfect sling shot rock, sabotaging a game of "pit", watching boy scouts jump off a 50 foot cliff into frigid water, breaking firewood with large rocks (or trying to cut through it with a pocket knife... cough... Chelsey) and listening for the code word from Chelsey's tent to tell us she was still alive.


jacquie. said...

it looks absolutely gorgeous Haley. Wise been to join in on the fun. Love you! x

Angie Birkeland said...

Good pics guys. Looks like you had a blast. Don't take for granted all the time you guys get to spend together. It is the absolute best.