Summing up summer: Las Vegas

Brett and I made a pit-stop in Vegas while on our way to AZ with my Mom. We were heading to AZ for my niece Alena's birthday party and to help my Mom move back up to SLC.

On our a quick overnight in Vegas Brett and I planned an amazing date night. We dressed up fancy and went and saw Phantom of the Opera. We followed that up with a delicious buffet. It was so worth it. The Vegas production of Phantom of the Opera was incredible. If you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend taking a trip and seeing it. Even Brett loved the music, scenery, and special effects.

The next day we hit up Serendipity with my Mom. We couldn't get enough of that frozzzen hot chocolate!

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Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

I'm so proud you updated the blog! However, I'm pretty sad you didn't come say HI while in town. haha But no worries - I understand the stress of a fast trip and fitting everything in. NEXT TIME, for sure though. We've been to Phantom here and it really is an awesome production. Glad you got to go!