Recent Happenings

So a lot has happened since our last post:

1. Mapleton Track and Field won the district championship meet! It was a blast to coach such a great group of kids. I can't wait to coach them again next year!

2. Brett and his fellow BYU brethren brought home another conference championship!

3. Brett and I both got teaching jobs! I will be teaching 8th grade English at Mapleton Junior High and Brett will be a Special Education TA at Reagan Academy. We feel so blessed that the two jobs I took this spring lead to two amazing opportunities for both of us! It was a rough few months there, but we know now it was all worth it.

4. We are moving out of our place in Provo to a basement apartment of an adorable home in Mapleton (2 minutes from my school!) We make the move on June 26th!

5. We went on an incredible trip to Montreal over Memorial Day weekend. Brett served an LDS mission there for two years. It was amazing to walk the streets he walked and experience the wonderful goodness of poutine, the metro, Haitian food, beaver tails, etc. We'll be posting a more in depth blog about the trip but here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure. (Click here to view our facebook photo album from the trip.)

6. My brother Mike and his cute little family are moving to Salt Lake City from Mesa Arizona next week. We are so excited that they are going to be so close! Katie got a job at Wells Fargo and Mike will be focusing on his photography business Eli Mac Photography.

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