Plato's Closet and Finally Looking Pregnant

After months of definitely FEELING pregnant, it's about time I look pregnant. My bump decided to finally make an appearance last week and I decided it's high time I wear some clothes to show it off.

Over the weekend I went with my Mom and my friend Chelsey to Plato's Closet in Draper. Chelsey has been trying to get me to go with her to Plato's Closet for years, but we just never got around to it. Boy was I missing out. This is not your average second hand store. They have really cute clothes that are fashionable but still with the thrift store price tag. They had their Grab Bag sale on Saturday and we thought we'd try and score some clothes. Sadly, we got there after all their clearance items had been picked over, but we still decided we'd see what bargains we could get.

I ended up spending $70 and all together scored about eight different adorable outfits. Now, they aren't "maternity clothes" which is nice because I will actually be able to wear them after the baby. I bought some long jersey fabric shirts, flowy empire waist dresses, cardigans, and a few tight stretchy shirts with ruching on the sides. I've had so much fun wearing my outfits the last couple days because they really show off my new cute shape.

I am hoping that I won't have to buy a lot of legitimate maternity clothes. My goal is to only buy a few necessities like some nice maternity dress pants for work.

I've realized putting the word "maternity" in front of the word "clothes" is the equivalent of putting "wedding" in front of the word "dress". For some reason just the word "maternity" means adding an additional 50% to the price. I'm so happy I was able to buy adorable clothes for $5-$14 a piece that I'll be able to wear while pregnant and while I'm not.

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