Go Cardinals!

Brett and Maddie are ready for game seven! 

Brett bought this jacket long before we even thought of having kids. Brett has been a Cardinals fan since he was five years old and he couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy this jacket when we stumbled upon it in a thrift store. It's been hanging in the back of our closet for almost three years. 

Tonight seemed like a great night to break it out.
Go Cardinals!


Carly said...

Ha. So cute! :) Dan has wanted to buy some cute Sun Devils stuff for little kids before but I've said know cuz they were too ridiculously expensive! I know..I'm mean :) haha. Crazy how fast she's growing!

Anonymous said...

Awesome photo! You both look terrific! Glad to see you cheering for the Cardinals! Love, Mom

Haley Jaye said...

They are expensive! It's fun the wonderful treasures that are to be found at thrift stores!