Dear Maddie,

You are five months old and full of smiles. You are the happiest and most content baby girl. We are so excited to celebrate Christmas with you this year.

You weigh nearly 19 lbs. You are mostly wearing size 9 month clothing but you still wear some size 6-9 month clothes as well. 

You love to talk. You are starting to discover more and more consonants. What used to be "Oooowwaaahhh" has now turned into "Baaah Bah Bah!" Sometimes you even say "Mah Mah" or "Dah Dah" which makes your Daddy and I really happy. And every morning when you first wake up and we say "Hi!" you say "Hi" back. Of course, we don't count any of this as your first words because we know you have no idea what you are really saying. But it still melts our hearts as you continue to mimic the sounds you hear.

You are finally rolling over again! You started rolling over quite early in life, around seven weeks, and then those thighs got in the way. Earlier this month you started rolling over again and again and again. You are a master now.

You continue to sit on your own for longer and longer bits of time. You can hold yourself up for thirty seconds to a minute before you throw yourself back in excitement or lean and fall to the side. Daddy or I are always close by to catch you just in case.

You are getting more interested in faces. You love to grab Daddy's face when he talks to you. You mirror our facial features as we talk and laugh with you.

You love being in your Johnny jump up and the sling. You hate missing out on anything. You are quite the social girl. You love visiting your cousins. They make you laugh by playing peek-a-boo and keep away with you. Your favorite toy is still your noisy paper. You are starting to love your books too. You love handling the books and turning the pages yourself.

We talk to Grandma and Grandpa Birkeland on Skype at least a few times a week. You love to talk to Grandma and Grandpa while they are on their mission in Sweden.

Happy five months baby girl! Next month we'll be talking solids!  

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