Dear Maddie Girl,

We've hit a few fun milestones this last month. You got two teeth, you started standing without holding on to anything, you learned to click your tongue, and you even took your first steps.

You are getting more and more confident with walking. You cruise around the room using the furniture for support and you make the transition from one object to another seem effortless. You have become very confident with standing. You will often stand on your own (without holding on to anything) for thirty seconds to a minute (as long as you don't get bored). You love to walk back and forth between Mommy and Daddy and you sometimes take a step or two on your own in the transition between our safe arms. You took your first step on Easter and you took two steps yesterday! You love pushing your walker all over the house. Sometimes you push it one handed, sometimes backwards, and sometimes you push it while you hold onto a toy in each hand. If your walker isn't handy, you will often push chairs around the kitchen to get to and from whatever catches your eye.

At eight months you were starting to wave goodbye occasionally. Now at nine months, you wave hello and goodbye whenever you have the chance. Seeing your cute little hand open and close is the cutest thing. Sometimes you use two hands when you are extra excited and decide a double wave is necessary. You are also starting to imitate whatever we do. You'll shake your head, bounce, click your tongue, wave, clap, and wiggle if we do it first.

You love to jabber. You still say "Momma" and "Dadda" and "Hi". Lately you've been working on your "R" sounds and and "La" sounds. You like combining different sounds together. You also talk in a cute high pitched voice when you are really excited about something.

You have such a playful spirit. You love to play hide and go seek and tag. I'll hide around the corner of the couch or behind your pack & play and you'll get all excited and start chasing me. If I peek around the corner you giggle and put your head down and start crawling faster and faster. Once you reach me you squeal and start climbing all over me. You also like to hide. Sometimes when we are visiting in the family room you will crawl through the kitchen and sit and wait around the corner in the hall. Once someone comes to peek around the corner you take off crawling as fast as you can down the hall, giggling as you go.

You are eating more and more food. We often share whatever we are eating. For baby food, we still use your baby oatmeal or some baby food as a base and add bits of whatever we are eating. You also love to eat whole peas on your own, bits of carrot, pineapple, blueberries, apples, noodles, etc.

Your growth has slowed down a bit (for the first time in your life). You've been moving around so much that you haven't gained much weight at all. You are exactly 20 lbs and you are 28 inches tall. You are no longer in the 98th percentile, at the moment you are in the 75th percentile. There is no need to worry, the pediatrician said that you have trimmed down from all the activity and that you will likely have another growth spurt soon. Even though you haven't gained much weight you still have healthy baby chunk on you! You are mostly wearing size 12 month clothing and some 18 month clothing. Your size three diapers are fitting much better now that you are becoming more lean.

We can't wait to see what this next month brings! We love you sweet Madeline!


Mommy & Daddy

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