Locks of Love

So I don't have a picture yet, but I chopped off about 11 inches of my hair and donated it to locks of love last Thursday.


I first planned on donating it years ago, but I had to let all my highlights grow out and grow it long enough to donate the proper amount. As it got longer and was ready to donate, I decided to wait a little longer to cut it till after I got married (my cousin Carla had gorgeous long hair at her wedding and I always wanted that).

I was surprised at how okay I was to say goodbye to my hair. As all of my hairstylists would know, I am not the easiest client. I get upset even when a couple inches are cut off. But for some reason, when I chopped off all this hair I actually felt so happy.

It made me happy that I had finally accomplished this goal. :)

Even though Brett misses my longer hair he has been really supportive. Now I am growing it out again to my longer locks, but loving the sassy short hair. :)

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