Feels like we are dating all over again...

So Brett and I have been lucky enough to have a lot of the same meets on our schedule this year.

The Good news:
We get to see each other compete and hang out a bit on a weekend when we would normally be apart.

Bad news:
We aren't allowed to stay together.

BYU will provide a room for an athlete and their spouse if the spouse comes along to the meet. The couple has to pay a little extra, but it is well worth it. Brett and I wanted to pursue this option at no cost to my team... but I was shot down. While the BYU coach thinks it would be best for Brett to have a good nights sleep in an environment as consistent as it would be if he were at home, the U unfortunately doesn't agree and finds it "unprofessional."

I guess sleeping with your husband is pretty unprofessional. I mean, staying in the same room with your spouse is tacky and lacks class. I can't imagine what all my teammates would think of me for sleeping with my husband. It's a good thing they don't know we share a room at home or else they'd really think less of me.

So, Brett and I go out and eat together after the competition, congratulate one another on a meet well done, and like the professional athletes we are, he bids me farewell at the door to my room... so we don't do anything a professional wouldn't do.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say that is complete CRAP!! I would be pissed. Maybe they will change their minds on that...