Belly Update and First Track Practice


Here's the belly at 23 weeks 3 days. 

I'm back to coaching track again and this season is definitely different than any other track season because I'm carrying a football in my stomach. I must say it feels weird wearing my old track gear with a pregnant belly. I feel like a track star who got into trouble.

Today was our first practice and I was a little worried going into it. I have quite the hands-on coaching mentality and I usually do every workout, drill, etc. with my kids. This made me wonder, how on earth am I supposed to coach? I can't do abs anymore. I can't do any exercise while on my back. I can't exert myself and I can't sprint. I'm barely allowed to break a sweat. In addition to that we had over 200 kids sign up for track this year.

I'm happy to report that today's practice went very well. Since my belly isn't too huge I was able to demonstrate all of the sprinting drills thanks to a support belt that my sister-in-law gave me. I did however have to keep reminding myself to take it easy. My muscles remember how to do all the drills and they want to do them perfectly and quickly. I had to keep reminding my legs to not get carried away! I also had amazing returning athletes from last year who remembered every drill and could help demonstrate to the other athletes. 

It's going to be interesting changing up my coaching style but I think I'm up for the challenge.

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