Baby Update: Starting the Third Trimester

My sister-in-law Katie has the cutest way of keeping her family posted on her pregnancy. I thought it would be a fun way to document the rest of the pregnancy. Thanks for the idea!

The Bump:
Here's the bump in all its glory at 25 weeks and 3 days! I feel like I exploded just over the last two weeks. I'm starting my third trimester. Doc says baby is measuring about two weeks ahead. 
Here's hoping for a June baby and not a huge July baby. :)

Maternity Clothes:
A couple weeks ago Brett and I bought a couple pairs of maternity work pants on sale at Kohls. I'm still wearing some of my old pants with the help of my bella band (complete life saver by the way) but I am loving the comfort of my maternity dress pants. Most of my shirts aren't maternity shirts, they are just shirts that are long and/or flowy enough that I can get away with wearing them. 
Most fun recent purchase? Brett bought me some incredible comfy yoga pants. I love coming home and slipping into a pair of those and one of Brett's large t-shirts.

Best Moment This Week:
Brett and I went to a wedding on Saturday. It was only my third temple wedding that I have been able to witness and it is always such a wonderful opportunity to be present at such a wonderful event. My favorite part was hearing all of the promised blessings of a celestial marriage and being reminded that because of the covenants that Brett and I made, our family will be together forever. Hearing the promises of the temple moved me more than ever now that I am carrying our first child,
our first promised blessing. 

So up till last week I mostly felt faint little flutters and thumps. Now I can tell if this little girl is ever awake because if she is awake she is moving. She's the most active in the morning when I am teaching my first four class periods and late at night when I lay down. She also seems to kick a lot more when I eat apples. She is quite the powerful kicker and she responds when my belly is touched. Just yesterday Brett was hugging me and he felt a swift kick in his stomach when our stomachs met.
I told him our little girl was just saying hi.

Food Craving:
Grapefruit, grapefruit, and grapefruit. I tell you I can't get enough of them! If I sit down and start with half of a grapefruit I will ultimately end up eating another, and another, and another.
Just last night I ate three (that's six halfs) in one sitting.

Baby girl is also loving guacamole, apples (especially green apples), green olives, orange juice (the favorite has been Simply Orange with Mango), milk, milkshakes,
hummus and pita bread, and BYU Creamery ice cream.

What I Miss:
Sprinting. I'm coaching track and although I am able to demonstrate a lot more than I thought I'd be able to, I still can't do what I'm used to and it is very depressing.
I miss the completely freeing feeling of sprinting as fast as I can and feeling the wind in my hair.
I also miss my waist. I see cute clothes in the store that flatter the waist and make a mental note that I will rock that outfit that once I have a waist again.

I've been pretty restless lately. It's hard when I am trying to fall asleep and our little girl is just doing summer saults and kicking all over the place. I love feeling the kicks and I savor the moment, but then I end up staying up far to late counting the "thump... thump...thumps" that she sends my way. It's getting harder to get comfortable and I find myself tossing and turning all night. (Which is really different for me considering that I usually have no problem sleeping or getting comfortable). The positive change in my sleep? I'm no longer waking up to excruciating leg cramps in my sleep anymore. Those evil charley horses plagued me almost every night from weeks 16-22. 

What I Am Looking Forward To:
Spring break! Brett and I were planning to take a train to San Francisco for our babymoon, but we decided it would be better to hang around close and take a mini vacation here in Utah. We're going to go have a spa day, go out to a few fancy dinners, see some sights, and spend some money on activities we normally wouldn't. I can't wait! Also, Brett and I are moving to Salt Lake City at the end of May.
I am so excited to live closer to family and friends in the city.

I'm so happy to have the whole morning sickness and extreme fatigue out of the way. I still throw up about once every couple weeks but it isn't because of nausea, it's usually caused by coughing in the morning. My gag reflex is still super sensitive. 
Right now I have a lot of energy and I've been in a very good mood. Baby girl has caused me to have some sciatica, pain and tingling down my legs, but that comes and goes. I have had more back pain as well as my belly continues to push out and out.


Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

So fun, Haley! I love hearing about your experiences being pregnant. :) I can't wait to see you and this sweet little girl. I had charlie-horses too. So annoying. Try to train yourself to never stretch with your toes pointed. Stretch heels first. Oh and I loved my bella band too! Until my thighs and butt were too big for my normal jeans haha. Thank goodness for maternity clothes, right?
Keep updating! I love to hear all about it and see pictures. Oh and where in Salt Lake are you moving to? Very fun!

Jon and Meghan + boys said...

I craved citrus like crazy also. I could drink a gallon of orange juice a day during my third trimester. I'm so happy for you and Brett. He's such a great person, and I'm sure you're equally wonderful. Good luck with the rest!