Baby Update: 28 Weeks

The Bump:
Here's the bump at 28 weeks!

Maternity Clothes:
My sister-in-law Angie lent me her amazingly comfortable pajama bottoms. I am in heaven. If I could lounge around in them all day I would. I actually got them for her when she was pregnant and on bed rest. Thanks for letting me use them Angie! You are a complete lifesaver. 
I'm wearing a lot of my old pants with the help of my bella band. I can still fit into my lowrise jeans and capris which is a good feeling considering I can't see my legs when I look down anymore.

Best Moment This Week:
Taking Wednesday off work for a doctor's appointment and then spending the morning with Brett. We had a lazy morning, went to the appointment, heard our little girl's heartbeat, and then got lunch at the Olive Garden. It was so fun to spend that time together.

Our daughter is one active girl. She keeps me up at night with her tossing and turning. Sometimes I feel (and see) an elbow or heel slide from one side of my belly to the other. It is a really strange feeling. Baby girl especially enjoys kicking me in the ribs and tickling the bottom of my tummy with her fingers. She also gets hiccups occasionally which makes me smile. 
I've been getting a little worried for when this baby comes out. She literally moves all day long and I wonder if she ever sleeps. I'm hoping she is just an active sleeper tossing and turning and jabbing me while dreaming about whatever fetuses dream about.

Food Craving:
Still loving my grapefruit, guacamole, apples, green olives, orange juice, milkshakes, and hummus. My newer cravings have been for Pace Juice Bars (especially the peach and lime flavor), omelets, chips & salsa, steak, and grilled cheese sandwiches (mozzarella).

The item that really "hit the spot" this week was the strawberry cheesecake swirl frozen yogurt from Frogurt.
I added kiwi, strawberries, and granola. It was absolute heaven in a cup.

What I Miss:
I miss being able to lean over and pick things up. 
If I ever drop something I grunt like a cantankerous old man and then reluctantly prepare myself to lean over and pick it up. After spreading my legs apart as if I were attempting some yoga pose I reach down with my fingertips and I finally pick up the cursed object. 
Something that used to take me 2 seconds to pick up now takes me about 10. 
It is so humiliating.

Sleep is hit and miss at the moment. I can sleep pretty well but I often wake up either because the baby is moving so much, I'm uncomfortable, or my squished bladder is full. I do consider myself lucky though. I know most women at 28 weeks don't get as much sleep as I am enjoying.

What I Am Looking Forward To:
Spring Break! Brett and I have set some fun plans here in Utah for the week of Spring Break. We're going to go to the planetarium, the aquarium, a few nice dinners, a picnic, and some hikes. Can't wait!
I am also looking forward to the wedding of my incredible best friend Chelsey Kaplar to my equally amazing friend from high school Parry Cutler. They are getting married on August 5th in the Salt Lake temple. This was seriously a match that was years in the making. When I first met Chelsey in 2006 I tried to get her to write to Elder Cutler on his mission. But she didn't. Then when Parry got back from his mission I tried to set them up on a date. Again, didn't happen. They finally ended up meeting three years ago when I set them up on blind dates with other people (sneaky sneaky huh?). I set up Parry with my little sister and Chelsey with one of Brett's friends. A year after that group date (and after months of hanging out randomly) they finally started dating and now they are engaged. Chelsey says they just had to get together when the timing was right for them. :)

I'm happy to report I haven't thrown up in a month! I'm so happy to have the whole morning sickness out of the way. Sadly, the fatigue that I struggled with through the first trimester is back with a vengeance. As if fatigue in the third trimester isn't bad enough I also just found out this week that I am anemic so I'm on an iron supplement to get my red blood count back up. Hopefully my energy improves a bit.
I have braxton hicks contractions everyday but I don't really feel pain (usually). I can just feel my stomach tightening for 30-90 seconds and then it goes back to normal.

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