Busy Day at 36 Weeks Pregnant

On Friday, my 36 week mark, I awoke with an unlimited amount of energy and a desire to conquer something. I rolled over and told Brett, "I want to go on a hike today". After a discussion about what hike I can do in my pregnant state, (I was set on hiking The Living Room) we finally agreed to hike Ensign Peak. It's a fairly casual/easy hike (though steep) that is around a mile long total.

The hike was beautiful. We enjoyed taking in the scenery and visiting together. As we made our way through a tunnel of trees we were greeted by a standard poodle who ran ahead of her owners to say hello. I bent down and held onto her collar while we waited for her owners to catch up. As they came around the bend in the trail we made small talk. After the owner had safely leashed the dog I stood upright. The man looked at my stomach and stepped back with his mouth gaping open.

"Wow, you're very..." he searched for the words.

"Pregnant?" I replied, "Yeah".

We continued up the peak without meeting many hikers and pausing often to soak in the scenery and to rest. The weather was perfect. Neither of us broke a sweat. Up at the top the view was amazing. We made it up in about 20 minutes and spent about 5-10 minutes visiting and enjoying the cool breeze.

It was fun to observe the reactions of the other hikers we met along the trail as we continued back down the mountain.

One woman said, "Are you trying to have this baby today?"

A man in a flannel shirt said, "Wow, I'm really impressed with you right now."

One man was furiously huffing and puffing his way up the hill, his eyes focused intently on his feet. Just as we were about to pass him he looked up and groaned, "Oh now I feel completely embarrassed."

After the hike, Brett suggested that we go out to lunch. He picked his favorite Chinese food place, The Dragon Diner on 39th South. Our lunch was perfect. The egg drop soup was the best I've had in years and the Mongolian beef I ordered melted in my mouth. Brett enjoyed his usual favorite item, the sesame chicken.

When we got home I mentioned that I still had a ton of energy. Brett got our mountain bikes together and attached them to our bike rack. We drove a few miles away to Parley's nature park and went on a really fun biking trail. I spent a lot of time in the lowest gear slowly powering up the hills, but I did it! It was an incredible feeling to be able to make it up these steep hills that I didn't think I'd be able to. Brett went off the trail a few times and got to enjoy some mountain biking that would be too risky and challenging for me in my pregnant state. It was fun to watch him having so much fun and to still be a part of it.

We got home and just as we were about to relax we were invited by Mike and Katie to come over to their new place for a swim. We thought it would be a fun way to cool down and relax after our busy day. It was so fun to feel weightless in the pool and to play with my adorable niece Alena.

After an eventful day you can definitely say that I conquered many things! 
What a fun way to celebrate my 36 week mark!


Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

Oh wow, you are BRAVE, sister! A bikini? But I don't blame you since you don't have any stretch marks or overly stretched skin (like I did). I'm impressed with your whole day! Maybe that baby will come sooner than 40 weeks if you continue to stay that active? Who knows. Good luck!

Aisling said...

sounds like you're "nesting". You'll get those bursts of energy during the day. It's your body saying "Get everything ready! This baby is coming SOON!".

And WOW! I'm impressed you went hiking being so far along! :)

Congrats and good luck to all that the future will bring you.

It Started With a Wink said...

Haha I wentg hiking on Wednesday with my young women wearing bright yellow and a group stopped us and said "well at least your wearing rescue colors" and my young women referred to me as the ball of sunshine

Haley Jaye said...

Haha that is classic! :)