Pregnancy Update Week 39

The Bump:

Maternity Clothes:
My favorite maternity outfits at the moment are my flowy spring dresses, my leggings with a large oversized shirt, and my bathing suit.

Best Moment This Week:
My cousin Brooke got married to her amazing love Parker. Their wedding was gorgeous. Everything about it was perfect. Brooke made a gorgeous bride and the love that she and Parker share is a love to admire. I was so happy that the baby hadn't arrived yet so that I could celebrate this wonderful day with them. 

I thought that since our baby girl is super cramped and completely out of space that the movement would slow down a bit, but that's not the case. She still moves around all day. It's crazy to see from the outside each stretch and roll.

Food Cravings:
Lots of water
Orange Juice
Frozen Yogurt

What I Miss:
I'm actually starting to miss being pregnant (is that super weird?) I'm trying to savor every bump and tap and I love checking out my nearly 40 week pregnant belly in the mirror.

I'll tell you what though, sleeping on my belly post-pregnancy is going to be complete heaven.

I have been sleeping very well lately. I still have some issues with heartburn but I've been dealing with it so long it doesn't bug me too much anymore.

What I Am Looking Forward To:
I'm looking forward to holding my baby girl!

The other night I was talking to my brother about what it feels like waiting for labor. I used a track analogy because, well I'm me. I feel like I'm sitting in the starting blocks waiting for a race to start that has no official start time. It could start in two minutes or it could start in two weeks. 

For anyone out there who has ever done track, those moments leading up to the start of the race are the most intense. The second the official says "Runners to your marks" your heart starts fluttering. My nose would sometimes go numb. However, that moment usually only lasts seconds before the official says "Set!" and you're off. So you can imagine the tension of waiting in the blocks for weeks not knowing when the official is going to say "Set!" and finally shoot that gun.

Over the last couple weeks I've had swelling in my legs, feet, and hands. The swelling in my hands has caused me to have pregnancy induced carpel tunnel syndrome. When I wake up first thing in the morning I feel like an old arthritic woman. Oh well, at least it will go away once this baby comes.

I'm so excited to meet my little girl finally!

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