Shanni: The Greatest Sister-in-Law

When Brett's parents went away on their mission to Sweden, Shanni (Brett's older sister) moved in with her big sister's family. Taking care of Shanni while her parents served a mission was something Bec had always wanted to do. And why wouldn't she? Shanni is about as amazing as they come.  I must admit that Shanni is my favorite sister-in-law and I guarantee that all the other Birkeland women would agree (which I'm totally okay with). I mean, how can you beat perfection?

Shanni was born with many disabilities. She cannot walk, talk, see, or eat on her own. But she has many abilities as well. Besides being an angel on earth, she can calm the most unruly grandchild. With her comes an incredible feeling of peace, contentment, and warmth. Shanni brings a smile to the faces of all who meet her. She finds ways to serve others. Just last month she donated her hair to locks of love. She has an amazing connection with children, which is why she was so good at her calling as a Primary Reverence Leader. I know that it is because of Shanni's wonderful example and calm spirit that her little brother Brett is the kind, gentle, and sincere man that he is.

I was lucky to get to spend the afternoon with Shanni and Bec's daughters yesterday, while Bec went Christmas shopping. We had a skype chat with Brett's parents. Shanni was all smiles. She loved hearing their voices. She giggled and squealed while Lynne talked to her. Later, I laid Maddie down beside Shanni and they had quite the conversation. Maddie cooed, Shanni laughed, and they both rocked back and forth.

It was the highlight of my week. 

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Heather said...

I agree - Shanni is amazing. She exudes peace. I remember being drawn to her as a young girl and sitting with her at one of Grandma Sundberg's parties. After that Lynne wrote me a letter we became pen pals. I'm a yr younger than Shanni - I think. Anyways I loved getting letters in mail from Aunt Lynne. It made me feel so special. You married into an amazing family. You're very lucky!! ;)