Our Thanksgiving morning started with the annual Birkeland Flag Football Turkey Bowl! Maddie and I went and cheered on Brett while he played. We also took pictures and video of the game. It was a great turn out and the weather has never been better. Oh, and Brett's team won. :)
The Flag Football Boys
 The night before Thanksgiving we moved all the furniture out of the family room and set up the table, chairs, and decorations. (The "Give Thanks" banner was a total last minute addition, but it didn't cost a thing and I think it turned out well.) Before dinner we had a Skype chat with Brett's parents who are currently serving a temple mission in Stockholm Sweden. The grandkids loved being able to see Grandma and Grandpa. A few of the kids sang songs to them, one of the two year olds told them over and over again that she had pockets, the other two year old spent the majority of the conversation rolling dough in his hands and telling them over and over that he was making a snake. It was a blast.

Dinner was incredible. We all had different food assignments and when it all came together it all turned out amazing. Dinner included honey baked ham, a very tender and delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato souffle, layered jello, garden corn, homemade rolls & bread sticks,  banana bread, salad, and an array of cookies, pies, and treats. 

Halfway through dinner, Maddie was pretty tuckered out. I'd blame the turkey, but obviously she didn't eat any.

I made the homemade rolls. They turned out delicious!
Brett made his famous chocolate chip banana bread!

These are the homemade bread sticks I made. Mmmmm!
We had a blast visiting after dinner. The kids colored and played in the yard while the "adults" (is it weird I still feel like a "kid"?) visited around the dinner table. Shanni and her big brother Brian had some fun chilling together. Shanni loved being in the middle of all the commotion.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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