Day Five: Postive Birth Affirmations, Birth Stories, and Favorite Songs

I decided to use today to prepare a bit more for the birth. I woke up early and went for another nice long walk through my new neighborhood. I spent some time in the silence of the morning going through all the positive thoughts about how I want the birth to go. I also spent a bit of time thinking through the less desirable birth scenarios that may arise and took some time to think through those scenarios and face those fears and uncertainties instead of ignoring them. I had a little mental conversation with the baby and I told her all my desires for her. I told her about my hopes for the birth, for her health, for her future.

When I got home I browsed a few websites with wonderful positive birth stories and read about a dozen or so. The stories are beautiful and empowering, leaving me feeling positive and excited for the birth.

Then I went through my "birth mixes" (my iTunes playlists dedicated to the birth) and added a few songs. I have three different birth playlists: Baby Day Calming Music, Baby Day Relaxing Music, and Baby Day Upbeat Music. (Yes, calming and relaxing are two different mixes).

I've had a lot of fun over the last few months creating my playlists for the big day. I loved showing it off to my birth instructor when she came over for our labor rehearsal a few weeks ago. Between the three different playlists I selected around 100 songs.

Here are a few of my favorites:

A la Claire Fontaine - Les Petits Minous
Lo How a Rose E're Blooming - Jon Schmidt
Lullaby - Dixie Chicks
Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) - Dixie Chicks
Northern Sky - Nick Drake
Blue in Green - Miles Davis
Peace - Felicia Wolfe
Dream - Priscilla Ahn

This morning I added one last song to all three mixes because it is just that lovely. I first found this YouTube video last summer. This woman's name is Temple. This video is of her singing just before the home birth of her 10 lb son Koa. She sang through her contractions to comfort her during labor.  I stumbled onto it again today and I'm so glad that I did. It is beautiful.

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