Day Two Overdue: Acupressure Points

My friend who is due today suggested that I try stimulating some acupressure points. It's worth a shot! So Brett and I will be trying that tonight. My feet are so swollen, I hope we can still find the right spots.

Keep the suggestions coming! 

I'm really excited to have this baby, but I'm not miserable or feeling discouraged yet. My midwife gave me great advice back when I was 36 weeks pregnant. She said to take out my calendar and schedule something each day from then to two weeks past my due date. That way if I wake up in the morning and I'm not in labor I can say to myself, "Well, I may not be having a baby today but... I get to go swimming" or "Brett and I are going to have a picnic." It's been fun to schedule something fun for each day and these next two weeks I've scheduled the best for last. The calendar idea is one of the best bits of pregnancy advice I've received. It's really helped me stay positive.

Today, my calendar event was to go swimming. 

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It Started With a Wink said...

I've heard castor oil works, I didn't do it but I know many who successfully have! I think I would have if he wasn't here by now, maybe just telling your baby you are going to drink castor oil will get her out!
PS your feet will be normal again so soon! I can't wait for you! The one thing I did start doing like a week before his due date is take Evening Prim Rose Oil, it is a natural source of GAmma-Linolic Acid thought to help soften the cervix, it's safe to take 4 weeks before the due date