Day One Overdue: Dancing This Baby Out

So as of today I am "overdue". This isn't shocking to me considering that the average first-time mom delivers eight days past her due date. Because of this, I've purposely been counting down to two weeks beyond my due date. Still, that doesn't mean that when July 1st came and went without a baby I wasn't a little bummed. 

A lot of family members and friends have been suggesting tricks to help encourage baby along. So for fun, I'm going to post daily videos / photos of me doing things each day that she is "late". 

Today, I'm dancing this baby out. Tomorrow? Who knows! 

Post in the comments section with suggestions for how to coax this little girl along and I just may do it tomorrow.



HungryFitness said...

Okay, this is freaking awesome. :) Love it. i hope i'm as cute as you are when the day i'm due!

Haley Jaye said...

Of course you will be! You are going to be one hot momma! :) Love your blog btw. Very fun and informative!

Ryan & Jamie said...

haha Oh Haley... I have no words. Ok maybe I do... YOU ARE MY HERO.

ourmarvelousworksandwonders said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! You had me and my girls getting a workout by laughing!! I can't believe you can move like that still without flopping on the floor out of breath! I think you're in too good of shape to have this baby- your body supports it too well! Good luck!

Carla said...

bahahahahahahahaha!!!! That was SOOOOOOOO funny!!!!

jacquie. said...

hehehehe that was awesome! i can't believe after that dance she didn't want to come right out and meet you! hahahah.