Day Nine Overdue: The Fake Out Continues...

I woke up at 3:00 am on Sunday with contractions every 8-10 minutes apart.

This time they stayed all day long.

By 5:30pm they were 6 minutes apart.

By 8:30pm they were 5 minutes apart.

At 1:00am they were 3-4 minutes apart, lasting 60-75 seconds and very strong.

At 3:00am this morning we went to our birth place to check things out. My midwife checked my vitals, checked the cervix, checked the baby's heart rate. Everything looked beautiful. Baby is low, 0 station. Cervix is 80% effaced. But I wasn't dilated far enough. My midwife was very positive and supportive and reminded me that everything my body has been doing the last few days hasn't been for nothing.

"Do you think you can go home and sleep? Getting some rest will be the best thing for you right now so you have the energy you need during active labor."

I said yes, but I wasn't sure I could.

I got home, showered, drank some chamomile tea, got into a few labor positions that help slow things down, showered (again), and prayed... a lot.  Finally the contractions spaced out enough that I could rest well between and during them.

So sleep and deep relaxation is on my to do list for today. I would like to add having a baby to that list but, as I am reminded daily, that's truly for her to decide.

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Carly said...

maybe she'll come on wednesday so she and Kyle are exactly 1 month apart..? Good luck, Haley!! You're doing great. All the waiting will make it SO much more worth it in the end! Can't wait for you two to become 3!! We're so excited for you! Btw..are you doing hypnobirthing? I remember talking about it with you. By the way, I totally did it this time!! :) Even read the book "hypnobirthing" in May. It was AMAZING and totally easier and better than even my labor with Dallin which wasn't the worst thing. I LOVE it and am going to do it with ALL my babies from now on. ..I just have to actually update my blog and share "Kyle's Story". :) maybe that'll be today if both boys end up taking naps at the same time....rare. :)