Day Six: Homeopathics and Herbs

Today was my 41 week appointment. Becky, my midwife, checked my cervix, did a stress test on the baby, and an ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid volume. We found out that her head is about as engaged as it can get (I give the credit to my dance moves). She was incredibly low, so low in fact my midwife was surprised I hadn't gone into labor yet. I spent a good amount of time kicked back in a lazy boy sipping apple juice and listening to my daughter's heartbeat dance from 118 to 150 when she moved or when I had a contraction. Baby passed the stress test with flying colors. The ultrasound showed that baby has plenty of fluid in there, so my placenta is still doing its job and there is no rush to induce.

During the cervical exam Becky found that part of the reason I'm not in labor yet is because my cervix is posterior at the moment. No need to stress out about it, but she did give me a few exercises that should help swing it forward so our baby's head can help dilate the cervix.

Becky also gave me a five day homeopathic regimen to follow to help encourage baby along. We went to Dave's Health and Nutrition to pick up the herbs and homeopathic medicines. Brett and I loved being greeted at the door with the scent of essential oils and herbs.  I love places like this. Becky has a  plan that she swears by, so hopefully it works for us. Each day I'll take different homeopathic pellets varying from caulophyllum to cimicifuga to pulsatilla. I'm also taking evening primrose oil daily. Becky is an incredible CNM. I interviewed a lot of midwifes who were either too new age or too intervention happy. Becky is the perfect balance. She isn't anti-medicine, but she doesn't turn to medicine/interventions as her first/only option.

My next appointment is on Tuesday. Becky said that if I haven't delivered by then we'll start talking about an "eviction plan" (love her word choice!) if I get to 42 weeks without any action.

In Becky's words "We hope she'll move out on her own, but if not we'll make her."

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It Started With a Wink said...

haha eviction I love it, she's going to be here soon!