Day Four Overdue: Walking, Grilling, Relaxing, and Lightning

This morning I woke up at 6:40 and went for a 45 minute walk around the neighborhood.

After Brett got home from teaching we went to the ZOO and enjoyed looking at all the exhibits. Did you know an elephant weighs around 250 lbs at birth? Boy am I relieved my baby won't that big, no matter how late she is.

This evening Brett and I grilled steaks and I relaxed in a hot tub at pool temperature (87 degrees) for about an hour.

My best friend Chelsey called me this evening ask if I was in labor yet (I've been getting a lot of those calls lately). She had reason to suspect, however. There is quite the summer storm tonight and apparently lightning storms are known to induce labor (her sister-in-law is in labor at this moment). Maybe Mother Nature is planning to help me out. If not, I'll be posting again tomorrow.

In other news, who do you think this baby is going to look like? 



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